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U.S. Tax

The tax practice of the firm applies substantial experience in various tax issues to the needs of our clients. We view the development of tax strategy as an integral component of the overall corporate mission of our clients. In connection with that overall corporate mission, we bring substantial experience to play in a number of significant federal and state areas. This includes corporate restructuring and debt modification strategies designed to reduce federal and state income tax burdens as well as contribute to the presentation of the accurate financial picture of the company, as represented by the financial statements of our client. We bring substantial experience to the development of interstate corporate tax strategies and the formation of entities to best achieve the overall business plan of the company and satisfactory tax result.

With respect to businesses, some of the areas in which we provide services include:

  • Structure tax-free reorganizations including multistate and multinational operations
  • Restructure debt obligations that will avoid tax consequences due to the restructuring
  • Structure debt obligations to achieve maximum deductibility of interest expense
  • Develop plans to reduce filing requirements in various states based upon nexus issues
  • Develop compensation strategies using qualifying and non-qualifying stock options
  • Develop plans to reduce overall state tax burden based upon multistate operations
  • Develop more tax efficient inventory recording mechanisms